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Objective methods, such as accelerometers, have become a preferred option when measuring population levels of physical activity, examining trends in activity patterns and when examining associations between activity and health outcomes in young people.

The International Children’s Accelerometry Database (ICAD) project is a consortium including 20 partners which pooled and reduced raw accelerometer data using standardized methods to create comparable outcome variables in 32,000 young people aged 3 to 18 years across studies from Europe, the US, Brazil and Australia [1].

Our initiatives to control cost, keep tuition stable, and enhance the value of a Roger Williams education set us apart.

All the shocking dash cam footage was filmed and edited by a motorist from Bristol, who appears to be fed up by reckless cyclists.

The driver — known only by his You Tube name as "Man V Cyclist" — shared the four-minute clip online.

The description reads "this is how accidents happen and they blame everything and everybody but themselves.

While Cantabs seem more likely these days to find Ma and Pa on Mumsnet than to post their own exploits on the site, Cambridge punt operators have confirmed that salacious romps are part of the punting termcard.

Speaking to Cambridge News, an ex punter for an independent company confessed to getting down and dirty on Cam: “The Cam Conservators could take our licenses away, but they couldn’t completely sanitise that river.

Read more about the science and technology behind the study from Alan Wilson of the Royal Veterinary College.But the driver, was so concerned about the Bicester girl, who was in her school uniform, that he alerted the police after arriving at Gloucester railway station, where she had asked to be taken.Hewings did not turn up on time to meet her but was caught on CCTV walking in the area of the station, Gloucester Crown Court was told.Ever wondered what your cat spends its time doing when you're not around?Where do our purring pets go when they disappear through the cat flap?

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