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I'll be sort of live blogging the event, ready to upload as soon as I can get back to civilization across the street. PS2 will provide tremendous commercial opportunity. [] Exclusive look at PS2 title that will continue to push the PS2.

Incapable of rendering 3 way sex scenes in real time.

[ am] I'm sitting here at the San Jose Civic Auditorium after bypassing the unwashed masses waiting outside, proudly flashing the press badge.

Inside I take a seat up close, bust out this laptop only to learn that there's no Wi Fi signal and barely an EVDO signal. There's a display up on stage of the history of Sony consoles: the Play Station, PSone, Play Station 2, PS2 slim, PSP, and--of course--the Play Station 3. Says Phil Harrison is going to "deliver the goods." The "ultimate Sony insider." Phil takes the stage. [] Report card on PS2 following 2000's GDC PS2 keynote.

GPS receiver; geocaching, popular, albeit underground.

UMD's will continue, but digital distribution will be available.

free chat website that lets you connect with people quickly and easily. From a forthcoming game, so they stripped out all the identifying marks. SCE will provide allthe basic services as standard. Motorcycle behaves to the mud, the wheels dig in, leave a trail, kick up dirt. Product to service evolution: packaged games augmented by downloaded content enhanced by community experience, enabled by communication features like voice chat and video chat. [] Blu-ray is vital to the video game industry, not just the movie industry. Worldwide network, being built in collaboration with SOE. HDR lighting, some mapping, ambient inclusion, motion blur, more pixel pr0n. Vehicle behaves to tracks left in the newly deformed ground. Every system they move over, they can do more per frame. Some of the next generation of content will be distributed only online! Developers and content creators can contact Sony to develop content for the service. PS3 is complex and powerful, but the developer entry point is accessible. The demo @e3 [] Play Station Network Platform is an internal name, not the consumer name (phew! Service starts with PS3 launch, basic service is free, "open internet" business philosophy. Email/friends lists all accessible inside the game. "Seamless" [] Motor Storm, "groundbreaking" PS3 demo from Evolution Studios. Internal demo completed a few months ago for a game formerly known as i8, now resistance: Fall of Man. Primarily running on the GPU, but starting to be moved over to the SPUs. Direct connection between consumer and game creators. Lots of "maps" and "point lights." All of it is in HD, 4x antialiasing. Motor Storm "Shop" front end matches the graphical style of that product. He takes care to assure gamers they aren't looking to cover Socom with ads. Merchandising done sensitively can generate a great deal of money.

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