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Turn your kitchen counter into a hot chocolate cocktail bar: start with a few packets of Swiss Miss, hot water, and whipped cream.Stock the bar with mini bottles of different liqueurs like peppermint schnapps, Bailey’s, Kahlua, vanilla vodka or Chambord.Learn together by taking a lesson, or if you’re a pro, be her instructor.Then treat yourselves to a few well-deserved cocktails in the lodge.In addition to being a published author, Schuh is a professional singer and motivational speaker."My passion is spreading my message and what I've learned," Schuh said."I look at how much I've overcome and how much I've accomplished.It's called "Hope."One stanza includes these lines: "Even when it hurts to breathe / Focus on the good and see / How beautiful, this life can be.""It's really my story and journey put to music," Schuh said.

Is there a winter sport that you’re both inexperienced at, like snowboarding?However, today, I'm so thankful that I held on — that I never gave up.The best was yet to come, and I'm so thankful that I persevered even in the darkest of times."One of Schuh's darkest times came three years ago, when her best friend's 14-year-old son killed himself.Search for a rink near you that offers human ice bowling.Take turns being the “bowling ball” by sitting in a saucer—you’ll push each other down the ice to knock over human-sized “bowling pins” at the other end of the rink. Tell her you’re in the market for a new winter sweater, and that you want her help in picking out the perfect one.

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