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He is doing an assessment and review of their 6 sites over the south of England and also delivering some training to them, so he will be travelling about and also working the weekend.It is a good paying “Job” and it will allow Mick to feel that he is maintaining his contribution into the household even though I am the principle breadwinner now.

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I’m expecting a very frustrated husband to come back to me on the 9th of February.But it will be Mick that I’ll miss, he is my husband after all, and 2 weeks is quite a bit of time for him to be away – when he was full time working for his company’s back in his “Alpha” days it was not uncommon for him to be away for 4 weeks or more, on the road and for a period in the 90’s he was away overseas, often for up to 4 months at a time.yes the money was very good and those days and his hard work laid the foundations (and more) for the way we live now – a good house, a “very good lifestyle” and a good standard of living.Alice/ Madam was very kind and allowed me to wear a pair with 1″ heels yesterday and today I’m wearing a set of sensible brown brogues – not sure that stilettoes would be appropriate for the meetings!It is interesting last nights post and looking at it – is it just me?

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