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May 26th 2017 Update: Ladies, you will be unsafe A couple of things: - I don't know if they pay people to fill in.But I've been offered a free spot to make up numbers.After a lengthy wait I got the same short reply "choose another event".I tried asking the same question couple more times and eventually I was told I was being rude and that I was banned and that the police would be called.I replied demanding my money back or a voucher to be issued. Paid for 2 tickets () was emailed the day before to say sorry there was a mix up its now sold out and we can't take you! I'd been to their events before and while I never had the problem of being turned away saying I hadn't paid, I saw that happen to someone else.I then immediately received an email saying I was banned! A girl showed up, insisted she had paid, and had a lengthy convo with the organisers but they said she wasn't on the list and was ultimately turned away.They kept my money but the ludicrous threat of police action is why I am writing this post.How this company can promote they are proud of their customer service on Facebook is beyond me.

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I have never been treated so poorly by a business than I I have with Brisbane speed dating. One night they text me saying they needed girls and asked if I wanted to go along. I booked a sit and when I showed up at the venue there was nobody. Last year I attended one event which was unsuccessful as must of the girls are snobs and suffer from Princess complex and hotness delusion syndrome.I was absolutely shocked at the reply as it was totally unnecessary.A simple reply with their terms and conditions was all that was required.HOME | EVENTS | REGISTER | HOW | FAQ | SPECIALS | CONTACT - To view SPEED DATING EVENTS or to REGISTER for weekly email updates.Most visitors that enter this site sign up on our Registration page. All we do is take your details and email you weekly with all our upcoming Speed Dating Events.

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