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My parents, even my friends began to get concerned. This was the fuel that I needed to be tossed on the fire of my soul, my ambition.

They suggested that maybe it’s time to get a real job or at least to do something to supplement my income (I went head-first into this, I gave away my training business, my bootcamp, quit all other sources of income, and nothing was coming in from the site). I needed this slight, this push, to take the risks that were necessary for success.

I was watching football this past Sunday, the Patriots vs the Raiders (I bought the NFL Live pass so I could watch football while I travel) game was on and Charles Woodson, Tom Brady’s former teammate at Michigan, a great player in his own right and now opposing him, playing defense for the Raiders, said something very, very interesting.

He said that Tom always knew he was great, he always acted like he was the leader, the winner, the legend that he is even when he was a back-up in college.

When someone calls them a worthless alcoholic, they hit the bottle in an attempt to down their sorrows.

The great man, the great leader, the Napoleon or Alexander or Theodore Roosevelt would aim to prove them wrong.

We need passion of some sort, either a love for what we do, a desire to simply become great, or the aforementioned ability to use basically anything as motivation, if we want to master our craft The good, they practice. Many can play great for a game or a season, few, however, keep their tenacity alive when they’re making millions, when success is already theirs.

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He hates the man for what he says, but he uses it as an excuse to give up rather than as an excuse to get motivated.You can’t simply get pissed off when someone doesn’t believe in you, you have to be mad that they don’t see how great you Weak people get pissed off when people don’t believe in them and then wreck their bodies or their minds to spite those who have little faith in them.They take this lack of confidence as an excuse to give up, to lie down, or to even go one step further and destroy any semblance of talent they’ve been given.That self-belief was never wavered by the naysayers like it is with most of us, it was only fueled.If you don’t believe in yourself, in your own capacity for greatness, then you can’t find true motivation when someone else doesn’t.

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