Tabling and dating

“Because the reality is there are survivors of dating violence on Georgetown’s campus, and we want to be able to connect them with the resources they need.” Tezel appreciated the participatory nature of the tabling activity as students each have their own definitions for relationships.

“What I like about the programming for Domestic Violence Awareness Month is that it very much engages the students on this issue,” Tezel said.

It just means that we are not recognizing it when it does,” West said.

GUSA President Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15) expressed his support for the Domestic Violence Awareness Month as filling a gap in sexual assault advocacy on campus.

“Hopefully we can create better institutional practices around this so that domestic violence awareness month happens continually every single year for October,” West said.

The campaign partnered with the university by tabling in Red Square in an attempt to promote student discussion about their definition of love, in an event organized by the Georgetown University Student Association.

“We actually have a partnership with all the universities here in D. “One in eight individuals in the District are college students.

For sexual assault survivors, more than 40 percent who are seeking sexual assault services are between the ages of 18 and 25, which means that if we want to be talking about ending sexual violence and dating violence, we need to be targeting 18 to 25-years-olds.

C.’ Our goal is to talk about prevention, about building healthy relationships in thriving communities so violence never has to happen,” Gleaves said.

In addition to the social media campaign on outlets like Instagram and Twitter, Gleaves stressed the importance of reaching out to college students to help the large community of college-aged sexual assault survivors.

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