Translate rule of dating secrets of dating a married man

al: Albania,at: Austria,be: Belgium,bg: Bulgaria,ch: Switzerland,cy: Cyprus,cz: Czech Republic,dk: Denmark,de: Germany,ee: Estonia,es: Spain,fi: Finland,fr: France,gr: Greece,hr: Croatia,hu: Hungary,ie: Ireland,is: Iceland,it: Italy,li: Liechtenstein,lt: Lithuania,lu: Luxembourg,lv: Latvia,ma: Malta,mc: Monaco,mk: Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia,nl: Netherlands,no: Norway,pl: Poland,pt: Portugal,ro: Romania,rs: Serbia,se: Sweden,si: Slovenia,sk: Slovakia,sm: San Marino,tr: Turkey,uk: United Kingdom ,mw: Republic of Moldova - Validation state,mz: Morocco - Validation state,bx: Bosnia and Herzegovina - Extension state,my: Montenegro - Extension state,ax: Albania - Former extension state,hx: Croatia - Former extension state,mx: Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia - Former extension state,ly: Latvia - Former extension state,lx: Lithuania - Former extension state,rx: Romania - Former extension state,yx: Serbia - Former extension state,sx: Slovenia - Former extension state 1.Legal basis Under Article 65(1) of the European Patent Convention, any contracting state may, if the European patent as granted, amended or limited by the European Patent Office is not drawn up in one of its official languages, prescribe that the proprietor of the patent supply to its central industrial property office a translation of the patent as granted, amended or limited in one of that state's official languages at his option or, where that state has prescribed the use of one specific official language, in that language.However, it may happen after a dispute has taken place as well.While maintaining strict neutrality, our Secretariat and other regional offices are available via telephone or email to answer questions.

One option you have is to set the locale from the domain name where your application runs. This solution has aforementioned advantages, however, you may not be able or may not want to provide different localizations ("language versions") on different domains.

Although we are happy to provide information, all Secretariats’ work is strictly confidential.

Neither we nor any part of ICC will disclose information concerning a case except to those involved.

Like all ICC dispute resolution services, we base our arbitration solutions on rules that follow international best practice.

We update these rules regularly and translate them into many languages to stay current with today’s business needs.

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