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If you are considering purchasing an animal from Tweed Shire Council’s Pound at Leddays Creek Road, Stotts Creek, the Pound Attendants can offer advice on what animal will best suit you and/or your family’s needs.

If an animal that has been seized has a micro-chip or a tag with a name, address or phone number then the owner will initially receive a phone call regarding the impounding, and if no contact is made, it will be followed up by way of written notification.Councils Animal Impounding facility is located at Leddays Creek Road Stott’s Island and is open to the public 7 days a week excluding public holidays from 10am - 4pm.The contact number for the facility There are costs associated with the release of an animal from the impounding facility and this is in accordance with Councils Fees and Charges.S Global Exotics sell the animals at a public sale by auction or give the animals to a non-profit animal shelter, pound, or society for their protection.“This is an incident that has really tested the commitment of those working in animal welfare organizations in the greater Dallas area.

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