Uzbekistan woman for marriage and dating

In the morning, the bride is fussed over and dressed in a florid wedding dress, accompanied by girl friends and matrons of honor.

They gather in a neighbor's home, singing and dancing, while they wait for the bridegroom marriage procession.

Uzbeks consider the 7th, 17th and 27th days of a month to be auspicious and lucky days to get married.

After working so hard his hands were bloodied, and repeatedly being rejected, he decided to drown himself in a river, As he put his bloodied hands into the river a beautiful pattern emerged, with gold from the setting sun, green from the trees, blue from the reflected sky and red from the blood on his hands. The princess saw the work and realized how much he loved her and married him.

Suzanis have traditionally been given as gifts, Certain patterns are associated with certain occasions.

There are certain patterns, for example, associated with the suzanis exchanged between families that are negotiating a marriage.

Matchmakers state the purpose of their visit and if parents of the bride agree, they make the ceremony of “Non sindirish” (bread breaking) after which the girl is deemed to be engaged.

The wedding day is appointed and relatives of the bride give gifts to the matchmakers for the relatives of the groom. Sovchi (matchmaker) appoint a day when guests would come in the house of the bride.

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