When did gisele and tom brady start dating

TOM BRADY doesn't have a Tom Brady Room in his Back Bay apartment.

It's more of a Tom Brady Passage, wider than a hallway but thinner than a room, an "awkward space," he says as he enters it on a March morning.

When Brady remembers playing with other neighborhood kids in the street, he considers that his children will be raised in a gated house in the Los Angeles hills.

Brady grew up overlooked; his kids are photographed even when Brady's parents take them to the playground.

Martinez was the coach at the College of San Mateo in California, and Brady first attended Martinez's football camp the summer before his freshman year of high school at local Serra High.

And what Brady doesn't point out is as revealing as what he does. But the reality is based on injuries and different margins for error.For instance, he breezes right by two mirrored and angular items: his Super Bowl MVP trophies. In certain games, you have to be perfect, and if you're less than perfect, you're gonna get beat."Brady has always amassed responsibility not only as a means of control but as a path to perfection.He easily could have won a third, maybe even a fourth or fifth, if the ball had bounced differently. He wields as much power at the line of scrimmage as any quarterback ever.If the first stage of his career was defined by miracles and the second stage was somewhat diminished by them, in the third stage he's trying to summon magic again. "You couldn't pay me to go out after a game."That's right: Brady, once the vessel of quarterback glamour not seen since Joe Namath, is now a homebody. "You've Got a Friend in Me" from Toy Story is constantly stuck in his head.And so in February, Brady stood in the gym in his house in the Los Angeles hills with his new throwing coach, Tom House, the former major league pitcher whom Brady hired last year after Martinez died of a heart attack. House prepared to put him through a beginner's version of the slice of torture he had designed for pitchers called the Fogel Drill: stepping and shuffling as fast as possible while making simulated throws for 30 seconds. Brady, the consummate teammate, now considers himself "more coach than player." He advises the younger Patriots not to party too hard, and they earnestly nod as they quietly disregard him, the way he once disregarded those who offered him similar advice. Brady asked the teenage son of a buddy what music he likes so he'd know what the rookies would be listening to. If he happens to zone out while thinking about football or pecking on his Black Berry, his wife snaps him back to reality: "Is this a Tommy day or a family day?

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