Who is heather mills dating now

“Paul Mc Cartney has banned his crew from eating meat,” says a contractor, who smuggled in hamburgers from a street vendor.“They get sacked if they are caught eating these.” The day before the wedding, a relaxed and somewhat giddy Mc Cartney and his bride-to-be took advantage of a brief moment of sunshine to face their well-wishers outside the castle gate.On June 6 Sir John Leslie—known locally as Sir Jack—the eccentric 86-year-old owner of the 1,000-acre Leslie estate, halted his morning constitutional to answer questions from reporters.“It’s next Tuesday, but it’s top secret,” said the dapper Leslie, who has a fondness for disco dancing and turning up in the castle dining room in his pajamas and robe.“I have to keep it dead secret.” By then word was out that the castle’s 14 suites—which lack phones, TVs and clocks—had been block-booked for two weeks, as had two nearby hotels.Despite attempts by the castle staff to distract reporters with talk of a product launch, few were fooled. “We went to Holland to choose all the flowers,” says Chris Ram, manager of Bill & Ben Flowers in London. The list goes on for five pages.” With an accent on peaches, reds and pinks, Michael Dendels of Eric Buter Baugh Flower Design at the Four Seasons in Los Angeles supervised the arrangement of thousands of roses, carnations and tulips into elaborate table centerpieces involving three glass vases set inside one another.

The pair met earlier this year when the former model hosted an event for the millionaire philanthropist – and they’ve been spotted out several times since.Then the joint clan tried out local dances and listened to Mc Cartney at the piano until 4 a.m. “They will be staying in separate bedrooms, absolutely,” said Geoff Baker.There was, perhaps, a sigh of relief in those separate chambers that the families had gotten along, given the well-publicized tensions between Mills and Mc Cartney’s four children (Heather, 39; Mary, 32; Stella, 30; and James, 24).“As you know through Uncle Jack,” said Sir Paul, “it’s tomorrow.” “But,” Mills chimed in, laughing, “it’s a secret.” The couple exchanged three kisses, and the groom admitted he was “just a bit” nervous.The fun began that night when the bride’s and groom’s families met for the first time.

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