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I was provoking him [big, hearty laugh] and I got slapped back!

There are elements of old-school mindf—s here, including bits of “Persona” and “L’Avventura.” But it’s still played realistically. Who wants to get up early in the morning and think about death or whatever — of your love or your child or your parents. It’s delusional to think actors are playing other people. It’s versions of you, but it’s going to take a toll. JB: We took some appointments to help us develop our relationship.

Born as the daughter of the actor and director Jean-Marie Binoche, she was exposed to the nuances of acting and film-making from an early age.

Since her mother too was an actress, as were several of her relatives, it comes as no surprise that she was inclined towards acting from childhood.

HOMMAGE – Dans un communiqué, l'Académie des César a dévoilé l'affiche de la 41e cérémonie des César, avec une très belle photo de Juliette Binoche.

Un cliché qui ne date pas d'hier mais qui rend divinement hommage à la carrière de l'actrice.

She enrolled at France’s national drama academy, The Conservatoire national supérieur d'art dramatique, in order to study acting but quit after a short time as she disliked the curriculum.Later on she began lessons with the famed acting coach Vera Gregh following which she embarked on her professional acting career.She started out as a stage actress and after appearing in several stage productions she forayed into the world of films.There are so many conventions in female roles in the States that it almost becomes — I mean, it’s so cliche, as you say — it almost becomes stifling. All of a sudden you think it’s not going to be commercial and easily consumable, people are not going to make it. It’s either going to be the tiniest, tiniest, tiniest movie ever, or it’s just never going to happen.

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