Young adult chat

“It just strikes me as extremely logical that that’s a big factor.” That many YA books have been made or broken by the enthusiasm of online audiences is also an indicator.

There are plenty of reasons young adult fiction is ripe for a smartphone-centric takeover.

And services like Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited have pushed self-publishers to become serial content creators, often at their own expense.

And now commercial and experimental forces at play in the publishing world have combined to bring us a handful of chat-fiction apps.

In its two and a half years of existence, Hooked has racked up a cool 10 million downloads, the majority of which came from females between the ages of 11 and 20, according to Adam Blacker, brand ambassador for mobile-app research firm Apptopia.

Blacker also notes that, last month, Hooked brought in its highest revenue sales ever, earning approximately 0,000 via in-app subscriptions to the service.

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